About me

I’m a creative and sometimes chaotic person who loves structure.
The work I do needs all of these aspects: To be flexible, planning as thinking steps through beforehand, to be courageous enough to change those plans in order to create something better or more meaningful.
I love working with a client or a team: I believe that exchange of ideas and good communication leads to the best possible outcome.


Katie Tschirren

Photography in my Biography

In my teens I took pictures with a compact camera, trying to find interesting subjects in everyday life. Later on I was able to participate at a school project where we as students experimented with taking pictures with analogue cameras, experimenting with photograms and developing the photos ourselves in the school’s darkroom.

In 2014 I graduated with a Bachelor degree in Arts of Primary Education.
In my Bachelor thesis I developed a photography guide for integrating photography ideas into the primary school curriculum.

To be creative, create structure and handle chaos at the same time has been part of my professional journey all along. Another aspect that is of importance to my personality and professionality is communication.